Calusa All Natural Bug Spray

Calusa Natural Bug Spray

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About Calusa Natrual Bug Spray

Calusa Bug Natural Spray is made from of 100% Therapeutic Grade, Essential Oils. With Calusa, the days of using harmful, smelly, and unsafe insect propellants are in the past.  Calusa's proprietary blend is both effective and natural smelling.  Our motto is, shake it, spray it, and rub it in.  It can be applied directly to your skin or onto fabric.  Calusa Bug Spray is Made in the USA in Pine Island, Florida.   With Calusa Bug Spray say bye-bye to bugs and get back to enjoying the great outdoors.  In addition to everyday use, it is perfect for outdoor celebrations such as weddings and picnics, buy a bottle, buy a case.  Shop Now

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Calusa Natural Bug Spray - Say Hello Beach & Bye-Bye Bugs

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